Frontline VLRSEX Securerail Curved Exit Post

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The Frontline Securail Pro Vertical fall arrest is a rigid lifeline to secure access to any structure or roof. Clamped on an existing roof access ladder, this rail system secures the end user much better than the regular safety hoops. Entirely composed of high grade aluminum it is for pylons, confined spaces and industrial halls. Undeformable stainless steel brackets connect the ladders to the structure.


  • Easily installs and attaches to the Securerail post within minutes and no minimum tools
  • The trolley will follow you to a standing up position on the roof for safe positioning
  • Helps create a safer exit to the user when at the top of the ladder and exiting onto the roof
  • Also creates a safer entry point to the Securerail from the roof since the curved exit post extends pass the roofs edge


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