Frontline RPG603W MEGApod 60' 3-Way Self Retractable Lifeline with Retrieval System

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Whether working on a confined space application or exposed to fall at your workplace, the Frontline 3-Way Self Retracting Lifeline with Retrieval System can be conveniently used for both applications!

When using the unit in winch mode, use it to lower personnel to their specific work area and when your personnel is exposed to a hazardous situation, the unit can then be used to quickly retrieve the person back to safety. When using the unit in SRL mode, work and move freely around your work area, but when exposed to a fall the 3-Way Device will immediately engage.

The Frontline 3-Way is your convenient and complete solution for descend, ascend and rescue operations in confined space and for fall protection when working around fall hazards at your workplace.


  • Retractable mode - Enables easy movement of user in confined space applications while also providing fall protection
  • Winch mode - Enables easy descend, ascend or retrieval of the victim post fall
  • Includes swiveling steel snaphook as a connector for better mobility and user harness connection
  • The rugged lifeline is constructed of 3/16″ diameter galvanized steel wire rope
  • Includes locking switch pin on the side of the unit’s housing which allows the system to switch into fall arrest or winch mode in a matter of seconds
  • Can be easily mounted on the leg of Frontline MEGApod using tripod bracket

Specs and Standards:

  • Use: Fall Arrest / Rescue / Ascend and Descend
  • Lifeline Length: 60’
  • Inbuilt Shock Absorption: Yes
  • Maximum Lifting Load Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI minimum requirements


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