Frontline STMP10K-WO + STM10K-SA MEGA Swivel 10k Steel Anchor with Weld-on Puck

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The anchor incorporates a revolutionary swivel ring design that allows a D-ring to rotate 360 degrees as well as flip back and forth at 180 degrees. The Swivel Anchor’s incredible strength is due to a heavy gauge heat treated alloy steel, reinforced bridge, D-ring, and locking caps. Its patent pending key lock design keeps the D-ring seated and locked into its swivel housing, preventing the steel from spreading outward during heavy loads.

The Weld Puck Kit is a weld on mount for Frontline’s 10K Swivel Steel Anchors. The anchor is of mild carbon steel and a grade 8 5/8″-11 bolt and internal lock washer are included in the kit.


  • Anchor Rotates 360° and pivots 180° side-to-side conveniently helping avoid side loading or accidental disengagement
  • Can be used for permanent and temporary installations supported for steel
  • Anchor can be used for single user anchoring point or in combination with other approved anchor as part as a temporary horizontal lifeline system


  • Includes 3" x 1" Puck with 5/8" threaded hole
  • Includes 5/8" x 4" Plated Grade 8 Bolt and Nut
  • Weld-on Puck Unplated Mild Steel
  • Fasteners Zinc Plated Steel, Grade 8

Specs and Standards:

  • Tensile Strength: 10,000 lbs
  • ANSI Max User Capacity: 130 to 310 lbs
  • OSHA Max User Capacity: 130 to 425 lbs
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.18, ANSI Z359.7, OSHA 1926.502, OSHA 1910.66