Frontline STW01 Weld-on Anchor

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The Frontline steel weld-on anchor is your ideal anchor for your on the go weld-on applications. The steel weld-on anchor is small, compact and lightweight virtually fitting in the palm of the users hand! When using the weld-on anchor, trust with confidence on its robust construction and reliability.


  • Weld-on anchor can be installed in most structural steel substrates that withstand the 5,000 lbs of required load
  • Weld-on anchor is made of ASTM rated steel for reassured product reliability and quality
  • Welding on anchor performed by AWS certified welders and processes to ensure quality welding and upmost compliance
  • Ready to use straight out of the bag with the proper weld on structural steel

Specs and Standards:

  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 5,000-lbf/22kN
  • Application: Steel Structures
  • User Maximum Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.18, ANSI A10.32, OSHA 1926 and OSHA 1910
  • Tested by an Independent 3rd Party Lab accredited to ISO/IEC Standard 17025