Frontline GLC38 Vertical Ladder Lifeline System Cable Glider

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The Securope Quickset openable glider is designed for our vertical cable lifeline systems on ladders, pylons or masts. The glider follows the user smoothly in its movements up and down and passes easily all intermediate anchors.


  • Openable glider features integrated energy absorber
  • Glider blocks the fall instantly to reduce fall forces and distances if subject to a fall
  • The user can conveniently connect safely at any point of the vertical lifeline
  • Equipped with high strength ANSI rated carabiner

Standards and Specs:

  • Glider Weight Capacity: 110 lbs - 330 lbs
  • Glider Breaking Strength: 3,330 lbs
  • Glider Standard Compliance: Meets or exceeds ANSI A14.3, OSHA 1910.29 Subpart D, and EN353-1:2017
  • Connector Breaking Strength: 5,395 lbs
  • Connector Standard Compliance: Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA Standards

Frontline VLCS Ladder Cable Vertical Lifeline System Stainless Steel (Optional)

  • System features easy mounting and installation
  • Freehand system, overpassing anchors for better mobility
  • Stainless steel cable and elements for best corrosion protection
  • The system swageless and undeformable
  • Cost-efficient and complaint solution
  • Includes a cable vibration absorption system
  • Available Lengths: 20', 30', 40'
  • System Breaking Strength: 3,300 lbs
  • System Max Users per System: 2
  • System Standard Compliance: Meets or exceeds ANSI A14.3, OSHA 1910.29 Subpart D, and EN353-1:2017

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