Frontline STM585K-SS MEGA Swivel 360° Stainless Steel 5K Steel Anchor

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Frontline STM585K-SS MEGA Swivel 360° Stainless Steel 5K Steel Anchor

The Frontline MEGA Swivel of anchor family incorporates a revolutionary swivel ring design that allows a D-ring to rotate 360 degrees as well as flip back and forth at 180 degrees.

The Swivel Anchor’s incredible strength is due to a heavy gauge stainless steel, reinforced bridge, D-ring and locking caps. Its patent pending key lock design keeps the D-ring seated and locked into its swivel housing, preventing the steel from spreading outward during heavy loads.

The steel anchor is reusable, the bolt can be easily replaced when moving onto the next work area and can be used in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications. It can be used in steel applications for fall protection, rescue applications, lifting, hoisting, tie-back, etc.


  • Anchor Rotates 360° and pivots 180° side-to-side conveniently helping avoid side loading or accidental disengagement
  • Can be used for permanent and temporary installations supported for steel
  • Anchor can be used for single user anchoring point or in combination with other approved anchor as part as a temporary horizontal lifeline system
  • Stainless steel material, great for exterior use and corrosion resistance
  • Anchor comes with bolt included so it’s ready to use straight out of the bag


Specs and Standards:

  • Static Tensile Strength: 5,000-lbf/22kN
  • User Maximum Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Product Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Application: Steel Anchorage
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.18, ANSI Z359.7, OSHA 1910.140, OSHA 1926.503, EN 795:2012