Frontline K100-RPW061S Combat™ Compliance Kit - Harness, 6' SRL and Drawstring Bag

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Frontline Combat™ Compliance Kit - Harness, 6' SRL and Drawstring Bag  

Introducing the Combat™ compliance go-to-work kits by Frontline Fall Protection ready to use straight out of the bag! The kits are convenient and are your fall protection essentials that can work on most applications. 

Frontline's Combat™ compliance go-to-work kits were developed to deliver performance, durability and reliability for workers across all industries. Made up of safety orange colored high tenacity polyester, helps make the harness potentially more visible and easier to inspect because of contrasting colors.

The kit includes a universal size harness and a 6' single leg SRL with snaphook and unlike other kits they don't come permanently attached to each other but conveniently detached. This allows the user to chose whether to use together, or separately with other Frontline fall protection equipment when the application changes. 

The Combat™ compliance go-to-work kits are your economical solution, while never compromising on safety!

Harness Features: 

  • 5 points of adjustability for a better and more snug fit
  • Leg straps include tongue buckle straps for easy and quick adjustment
  • Includes elastic loops on all the straps for better adjustment
  • Comes with dual color scheme for easy differentiation of the shoulder and leg straps
  • Equipped with fall indicator on back straps
  • Harness is of universal sizing, conveniently fitting most users
  • Harness comes conveniently packaged with lanyard in Frontline adjustable drawstring bag

SRL Features:

  • Extremely light in weight, (weighing less than 1.32 lbs excluding hook).
  • Can be used as a Single & Y-Shaped Lanyard with Mono/Twin Connectors
  • High strength housing provides maximum durability, making the unit nearly indestructible
  • Automatic quick fall arrester to arrest fall to less than 1,350 lbs & fall arrest distance less than 24″
  • Has inbuilt textile shock pack with protective cover on it
  • 6' Retractable webbing provides continuous fall protection without any obstacles- keeps lifeline out of worker’s way, reducing snagging, dragging & trip falls
  • Incorporated with robust & durable casing, this SRL is extremely light in weight & easy to carry (almost pocket size)

Specs and Standards:

  • Meets or exceeds applicable ANSI and OSHA standards
  • Harness Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs
  • SRL Connector Breaking Strength: 5,000 lbs
  • User Capacity: 310 lbs
  • Tested by an Independent 3rd Party Lab accredited to ISO/IEC Standard 17025:2017